Prophet Ayub (A.S) – Story:

Life of Ayub (A.S): 

Prophet Ayub is said to be from the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim. He was sent as a prophet to the northeastern deserted corner of Palestine. He was tested while spreading the message of Allah but gradually people accepted his message and the number of believers increased. The prophet was a well-recognized man with valuable property, cattle, and farms. But he was not proud and arrogant. He used his warmth to continue his message of Allah. 

Prophet Ayub was patient: 

He was among the righteous people of Allah. The porphet exhibited patience in every hardship and during his life. He faced all the tests by Allah and it only increased his faith. It is said that Shaitan said that Prophet Ayub was only thankful to Allah because of all the riches and blessings around him. So then Allah bestowed the prophet with test after test. But these could not lower his faith but only made it stronger. 

One time, thieves attacked his farm and killed his slaves. They took away his cattle. He did not utter a word and only thanked Allah for all the other blessings. Once the roof of his home crashed killing multiple people in his family. He was shocked but this also did not lessen his faith. He did not cry but prostrated in front of his God. According to him, Allah blessed him with children and family and Allah alone can take away those. 

Skin disease

It is narrated that Prophet Ayub faced skin disease. Which were ulcers and sores all over his body. His hands and face were covered with these sores which were full of worms. But he was patient and thankful. He often picked up those worms and praised the creation of Allah. 

Moreover, his untrue friends were a source of increasing his tests. They looked down on him and mocked him. During these hardships, every person left Prophet Ayub except his wife. 

Wife of Prophet Ayub (A.S):  

His wife Rahima (R.A) was the daughter of Yusuf (A.S). Rahima is an example of a faithful wife for all. She stayed with him for eighteen years of his disease. Rahima (R.A) performed jobs while her husband was ill and stayed with him nonetheless. She witnessed all the luxury of living with the Prophet but did not leave him once it was all taken away from him. 

Shaitan went to Rahima so that he could lead her out of the way. He reminded her of her past luxurious years. She even asked her husband to ask Allah to relieve his pain. After hearing this, Prophet Ayub (A.S) got angry and swore to strike her with 100 blows. 

Prophet Ayub recovered from the illness: 

Allah asked the prophet to strike the ground. From which a spring of water originated that was refreshing for drinking and bathing. The Prophet used that water which cured his disease. Allah returned his mercy to the prophet. After recovering he prayed to Allah to express his gratitude towards him. But then he remembered his promise of striking his wife once healthy. He consulted Allah on this matter. Allah commanded the prophet to do it with grass so that it does not hurt his wife Rahima and also keep his word. 


Tomb of Prophet Ayub: 

Ayub (A.S) is granted many children from which there were more than 20 daughters and sons from his wife. He passed away at the age of 93 and is buried alongside the water source that cured him with the command of Allah. 


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