Prophet Musa (A.S) – Story

Birth of Prophet Musa (A.S):

Prophet Musa (A.S) was born in Egypt when Egypt was ruled by the Pharaoh. He used to oppress the people (dependent on Yaqub (A.S)). The disgrace continued in Bani Israel as they were paid very little for their hard labor. People were bound to worship Pharaoh only during his rule in the country. People of Bani Israel were also killed openly apart from the oppression. It is during that time that Prophet Musa (A.S) was born.

The economists of Pharaoh suggested carrying out the killing of males and children for one year and sparing them the next year so that they maintain manpower for work. Prophet Mosa was born in the year of slaughter. Therefore, his mother hid his birth and nursed him secretly.

The event of the river Nile:

Pharaoh oppressed and killed Bani Israel on the vision that his throne would be taken from one of the sons of Bani Israel. Some narrate that it was himself who had the vision. And some say it was Bani Israel that believed that one amongst them would rule Egypt.

The mother of the soon-to-be Prophet of Allah, Mosa (A.S) was commanded to throw the child in the river Nile as Allah will guide his path. She was hesitant and cared for her child but she also had the faith that Allah loves her child and plans the best more than she can.

The basket containing Musa (A.S) touched the water of the river and Allah commanded it to calm its waves so that he could be protected. Her sister followed the waves so that she could report back to her mother regarding Musa (A.S).

Musa (A.S) adopted by Pharaoh and his wife:

The basket carrying Musa (A.S) rested at the river bank near the palace of the Pharaoh. When the workers carried the child to Pharaoh and his wife, she was delighted to see him and kissed him immediately. The wife of Pharaoh was infertile and it was her long wish to bear him a son. Nonetheless, the wife of the Pharaoh was unlike himself. She was kind-hearted and a believer. Pharaoh decided to adopt the child upon witnessing the joy of his wife. Like this, let Musa (A.S) was raised in a palace like a prince.

However, the question of nursing the milk arrived and Musa (A.S) did not accept any wet nurse that was called for the purpose. Then his sister who followed him into the palace suggested that she knows of a woman who can help the Pharaoh and his wife in this issue. Upon asking, she replied that she followed the basket out of curiosity.

She visited her mother and told her about the event. The mother of Prophet Musa (A.S) ran to the palace and nursed her child. He was surprised when Pharaoh witnessed Musa (A.S) drink the milk of this lady. She lied to him that her milk was sweet and so no child refuses her milk when inquired by Pharaoh. And like this, his mother was appointed as his wetnurse and was granted permission to visit him occasionally.

Life of Prophet Musa:

Prophet Musa is occasionally mentioned in the Quran. He is mentioned 136 different times in the Quran. The prophet grew up in the house of Firaun. He was taught state affairs as he maintained a significant position in the family. During his adulthood, he was involved in the killing of an Egyptian. After which he traveled to Madyan. There he married the daughter of Prophet Shuaib (A.S) when he reached his land.

He left for Egypt again after spending some time in Madyan. He, alongside his wife, lost their way. In the middle of a winter night, both of them witness a fire from afar. It was a green tree burning when Prophet Musa reached there. At that time, Musa (A.S) heard the command of Allah. Allah asked the prophet to throw a stick on the ground that turned into a serpent. The prophet was scared of this. Then Allah commanded the prophet to lift it without fear. And he did. Then it changed into a stick.

Miracles of Prophet Musa (A.S):

The turning of a stick into a serpent is considered one of the great miracles that Allah allowed the prophet. After that Allah commanded the prophet to place his hand under his armpits and once the prophet removed his hand, it was glowing. These were granted by Allah almighty so that the prophet can bring the people of Egypt towards his message. Then Allah commanded the prophet to go to his people and spread the teachings of Islam.

Prophet Musa visited Pharaoh to claim that he is the messenger of Allah and he will spread the message of Islam. He showed them the miracle of a stick turning into a serpent. Pharaoh was also scared when he witnessed this. Then he inquired of his ministers about this. His ministers suggested that these were magical tricks and that anyone can perform these tricks.

To prove Prophet Musa (A.S) wrong, magicians from across the country were invited. The same task was assigned to them. And they threw the doors on the ground and then they began to move like snakes. Then Prophet Musa arrived when he threw his stick that changed into a serpent and ate all the ropes turned into snakes. The magicians were stunned to witness this. They believed that it was a miracle of Allah and they accepted the religion of Prophet Musa. Still, Pharaoh was too proud to accept Islam and continued his ways.

Punishment of Pharaoh from Allah:

Pharaoh did not change his ways even after the reminder of Allah to remain humble and accept the message of one God. After that Allah decided to punish Pharaoh and his followers. Allah punished his people through famine across the country. The fields of grains were destroyed by swarms and locusts. The water of the river Nile flooded and destroyed its close areas. After this, the people returned to Prophet Musa (A.S). They asked the prophet to pray for their relief. They promised the prophet that they will accept his religion and follow one God. However, after the punishment was over they returned to their previous methods without fearing Allah.

End of Pharaoh:

After this Prophet Mosa (A.S) gathered his followers from Bani Israel and left Egypt to move to Palestine. Pharaoh followed him with a vicious army. A prophet Mosa split the Red Sea through his stick and a clear path was made in between the river. The army of Pharaoh and himself followed them. Its waves crashed into each other when they reached the middle of the Sea. This was the end of Pharaoh and his army.

Tomb of Prophet Mosa (A.S):

Prophet Musa spent his last days in Jerusalem. The tomb of Musa (A.S) lies in Maqam e nabi. The prophet lived for 120 years and passed away during the holy month of Ramzan. His grave was dug by the angel of death himself. Nobody knows the exact point of his burial as it was performed by an angel in the wilderness.

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