Prophet Haroon (A.S) – Story

Life of Prophet Haroon (A.S):

Prophet Haroon was the elder brother of Musa (A.S). He was also sent to the people of Israel. And born in the year when Pharaoh spared the lives of baby boys. Prophet Haroon worked alongside Prophet Musa (A.S) in his teachings of the religion. He faced a speech defect which is why Allah granted his wish to be accompanied by his brother Haroon (A.S). Prophet Haroon was a good speaker while Prophet Musa faced a stutter. Haroon (A.S) is mentioned in the Quran twenty times and twenty verses. 

Haroon (A.S) was left in charge of Bani Israel when Prophet Musa went to Mount Toor for his forty-day meeting with Allah. During that time, the prophet spoke to Allah directly and Allah guided him about the people of Bani Israel. 

Disobedience of the people: 

Bani Israel became impatient and questioned the God Musa (A.S) and Haroon (A.S) worshipped. They were misguided in the absence of Prophet Musa. Among them was an individual Saimiri. He recommended the people to make another guide for them as Prophet Musa did not return for so long and will not return in the future as well. Saimiri built a calf-like idol from the melted jewellery taken from all the people. The people started to believe it as their god and started worshipping it in the presence of Haroon (A.S). He tried his best to keep them on the path of righteousness. But he failed. 

Return of Musa (A.S): 

When Musa (A.S) returned from Mount Toor he witnessed his people astray from the right path. He became so furious that he threw the tablets that contained the commands of Allah from his visit. He was disappointed and sorrowful. Furthermore, he became furious with the brother and grabbed him by his bread. To this, Prophet Haroon replied to not include him with the wrongdoers as they almost killed him. They attacked Haroon (A.S) when he stopped them from worshipping the golden calf. 

Family tree of Haroon (A.S):

The family tree of the prophet Haroon begins from Prophet Ibrahim to Prophet Ishaq, to Esau, to Razeh, to Prophet Haroon who is the elder brother of Prophet Musa. 


Tomb of Prophet Haroon (A.S): 

It is narrated that Haroon (A.S) lived for 123 years. And the tomb of the prophet is in West Jordan at Mount Harun.


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