Prophet Dawood (A.S) – story 

Lives of the prophets – Prophet Dawood: 

After the death of Musa (A.S), Allah sent Prophet Dawood to beware them of their disobedience and stubbornness towards Allah. To remind them of the right path, Allah put them to a great test with the army of Goliath. 

King of Israel, Talut had a small army and was afraid to commence war with such a great army and their deadly leader. However, Prophet Dawood killed their leader with a slingshot. And the remaining army of Goliath was terrified and left the battlefield. 

Prophet Dawood is known as David in other words. The prophet was born in Jerusalem. In the 10th century. Prophet Dawood defeated Goliath and ruled the kingdom of Israel afterwards. prophet Dawood has been mentioned on 16 different occasions in the Quran. The holy book of Psalms was revealed to the prophet Dawood. Similar to Tawrat that was granted to Prophet Musa. And Injeel was revealed to Isa (A.S). Dawood (A.S) defeated Goliath when he alongside his army aimed to conquer Palestine. 


Marriage of the prophet

Talut declared to give the hand of his daughter to whoever defeated Goliath on the battlefield. Therefore after winning over Goliath, Prophet Dawood was married to his daughter. 

His wife acknowledged the plans of his father who planned to kill ProphetDawoodd because of jealousy. He was jealous that the prophet was renowned among the public. Then he decided to leave the place alongside his family and followers. They stayed in a cave. After that, they travelled to Palestine. 

Talut, the father of his wife, attacked Palestine. And was killed on the battlefield. There, he was granted prophethood.


Miracle of Prophet Dawood

Dawood (A.S) was blessed with the ability to talk the language of animals. It is narrated that whenever the prophet recited the holy book, the birds gathered to listen to his melodious voice. Alongside birds, plants and the mountains also enjoyed his recitation. It is narrated that Dawood (A.S) had a beautiful voice that was even enjoyed by birds, plants, and the soil altogether.

Another miracle of the prophet is that he was gifted with the ability to make weapons and armour out of iron. The obedience of the prophet can be judged through his routine that he would pray all night and fast every alternative day. 


Family tree of Prophet Dawood : 

The family tree of Prophet Dawood includes Adam (A.S), Idris (A.S), Nuh (A.S), Ibrahim (A.S), Ishaq (A.S), and Yaqub (A.S),  Dawood (A.S). 


Tomb of the prophet: 

He began the reconstruction of Masjid- Al Aqsa which he could not complete in his last years. Nonetheless, the task was fulfilled by his son prophet Sulaiman.

It is narrated that the prophet lived for a century and ruled Palestine for 40 years of his life. During his rule, the region observed and lived in leave and harmony. He spent 7 years in Hebron and 33 years in Palestine (Jerusalem). 


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