Prophet Sulaiman (A.S) – story

Lives of the prophet – Sulaiman (A.S): 

Prophet Sulaiman (A.S) was the youngest son of Prophet Dawood (A.S). He was given prophethood for the people of Bani Israel. He learns religion and judgment based on the teachings of his father. The Prophet was a keen observer and learned quickly from the hearings and also contributed actively to the discussions. 

One fine day, Dawood (A.S) called his sons and asked them a list of questions. None of the 19 sons were able to answer and became confused; however, the youngest Sulaiman (A.S) answered all the questions that impressed his father. After that, he took control of the Bani Israel after his father’s passing. 


Miracles of Prophet Sulaiman (A.S): 

As the prophet was beloved by Allah. Therefore Allah granted him many qualities and miracles. Sulaiman (A.S) was the first and the only one to be able to control the winds at a very fast speed. He had control over the jinns and a copper mine. The mine was used to make weaponry. He was also able to talk to animals. He is also known as King Solomon and his ability to control jinns is among the miracles of Allah. Prophet Sulaiman’s dua of wealth is followed by people as he was granted a luxurious life as a King by Allah.


Story of the horses: 

Prophet Sulaiman was fond of well-bred horses. He often spent time with them in admiration. However, one day he missed his Asr prayer while doing so. And after realization, he repented to Allah and gave up the horses he liked so much. Due to this quality, Allah named him ‘Awwab’ which translates to ‘the one who repeatedly turns back’. 


Story of the Hoopoe bird: 

Sulaiman (A.S) built a place of worship in his land in Jerusalem. And he alongside his fellows made a pilgrimage to Makkah. On their return, they visited Yemen. There he keenly observed the water channelling for the land. And wanted the same for his region. He needed Hoopoe the bird, which was not found to detect the water. The prophet became angry at his absence but when the bird returned to his master, it brought news of a land ruled by a queen. The queen had every blessing but they worshipped the sun instead of Allah. After hearing this, Sulaiman (A.S) sent the message of his religion to their queen and asked to wait for a reply. 


The queen sent his messengers with a gift so that they could get an idea of King Sulaiman’s army. The prophet welcomed the messages with all his might. Where all the birds, animals, jinns, and humans were present and this shook the messengers. Sulaiman returned their gift saying that they can not make him rich as Allah has. And returned the messengers with anger. Then the Queen decided to meet the prophet in person. 


Before the Queen and his diplomats came to the land of Prophet Sulaiman, he ordered the jinns to bring her throne two thousand miles before their arrival. And a jinn completed this task within a blink of an eye. The Prophet praised Allah for the blessings he bestowed upon him and his creation. He also ordered the building of a palace made of gold floors underneath which the water ran. The queen arrived and after observing all the might of Sulaiman God-Allah, accepted his religion. 


Rebuilt Masjid Al-Aqsa: 

Prophet Dawood continued the task to rebuild the Masjid Al-Aqsa. As it was in ruins at his time. Nonetheless, he was unable to complete the task and his son fulfilled it in his lifetime. Prophet Sulaiman (A.S) had a great deal of support as he had control over jinns and animals, and birds also. However, Prophet Sulaiman made a dua to Allah that contained three points; 

  1. To grant him such a judgment that aligns with Allah’s judgment, 
  2. Only the prophet rules such an empire and no one after him,
  3. And the mast that whoever worshipped in a masjid/mosque becomes as a newborn i.e. free of sins. 


Family tree of the prophet: 

The family tree of Prophet Sulaiman includes Prophet Adam, Prophet Idris, Prophet Nuh, Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Ishaq, Prophet Yaqub, Prophet Dawood, and then Prophet Sulaiman. 


Tomb of Prophet Sulaiman (A.S): 

All the jinns followed the prophet. And they focused on working in the mines and rebuilding the masjid. He was overlooking the work of the jinns holding his staff when Allah decided to take his life. No one was aware until days later when any began to nibble on the wood and it cracked. Only then did everyone rush toward the prophet and come to learn of his passing. It was also a lesson for his people that the jinns don’t hold the untold but only Allah knows the secrets of this world alone. 

His tomb lies inside the compound of Masjid Al-Aqsa. The work of rebuilding continued after his passing. And it is among the top oldest masjid in the religion and the third holiest place. 


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