Prophet Al-Yasa (A.S) – Story 

Lives of prophets – Al-Yasa 

Prophet Al-Yasa is also known as Elisha. He was another prophet sent to Bani Israel. It is narrated that he was the cousin of Prophet Ilyas. And he nurtured under his care. Prophet Al-Yasa later on became a successor of Prophet Ilyas. He is considered a prophet in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. 

The prophet is mentioned in the Quran on various occasions including Surah Al-An’am and Surah Saad.


Events after the death of Prophet Ilyas (A.S): 

It is stated that committing sins after the passing of Ilyas (A.S) grew stronger within Bani Israel. Furthermore, people increasingly planned to kill the prophets. Therefore, both of them hid in a cave located at Mount Qasium to escape Ba’alabak’s king. As time passed on, Prophet Ilyas passed and Al-Yasa (A.S) inherited the prophethood. 

He is considered one of the most devoted prophets. Prophet Al-Yasa liked to spread the word of Allah. And guiding people to the straight path. He was passionate, humble, and righteous by character. 


Family tree of the prophet Al-Yasa: 

Prophet Al-Yasa’s family tree starts from Prophet Adam to Prophet Idris to prophet Nuh to prophet Ibrahim to prophet Ishaq to prophet Yaqub to Prophet Haroon to himself and prophet Ilyas. 


Miracles of Prophet Al-Yasa (A.S): 

Even though there is less account of the prophet in the Quran and narration. Nonetheless, he was a beloved and righteous prophet of Allah. He was sent to Bani Israel to call them to the message of Allah. 


The miracles of the prophet include bringing people back from death. The prophet could give people life when they pass away at the command of Allah. Other miracles granted to him include curing blind people. He also cured people with skin diseases. 

A miracle that is significantly related to him in Jewish history is that the river in Jordan dried up when the Prophet Al-Yasa crossed it. It was so to make it easier for him to travel across it. 


Tomb of the Prophet: 

The prophet lived for 840 years and he was buried in Palestine. 


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