Prophet Zakariya (A.S) – Story 

Lives of the prophet -Zakariya (A.S): 

The life statement of prophet Zakariya does not provide a detailed account of his childhood and adulthood. However, it began when he was in his late nineties. He was also a prophet sent to Bani Israel. And he is a direct descendant of Daud (A.S) and Sulaiman (A.S). The activities of the prophet were centred at Bait-al Maqdis which replaced the temple of Sulaiman (A.S). 

Zakariya (A.S) was married to a pious woman who was the sister of their wife of Imran. Imran’s household was granted respect by Allah and it is even mentioned in the Quran. The prophet was a carpenter. And led a simple life. Even though his life was not full of luxuries, he still thanked Allah and was grateful for all his blessings. And the prophet was very humble by nature. He and his wife reached old age without having any children. 

Zakariya (A.S) was granted the guardianship of Maryam, after the death of Imran. This was decided after casting lots. And it was Prophet Zakariya’s name each time by the will of Allah. 


Prophets mentioned in the Quran: 

The prophet Zakariya is mentioned seven times in the Quran in six different verses. 


Family tree or prophet Zakariya: 

The family tree of the prophet begins with prophet Adam to Prophet Idris to prophet Nuh to prophet Ibrahim to prophet Ishaq to prophet Yaqub to prophet Dawood to prophet Sulaiman to Prophet Zakariya himself and then to Prophet Yahya.


Prophet Zakariya made guardian of Maryam: 

Marian grew very righteous and sincere to Allah. She was devoted to praying in a specific corner in Bait-al Maqdis. She always had an abundance of food and fresh fruits. Her guardian, prophet Zakariya was shocked whenever he visited her. She has fruits that were out of season but still fresh for her. Nonetheless, she told that Allah blesses her with such abundance when inquired by the prophet. This only made the belief of the Prophet stronger in Allah and he became more grateful. Furthermore, prophet Zakariya (A.S) decided to pray for a child from Allah after witnessing these miracles from the start of his bloodline to this day. 

Dua made by Zakariya (A.S): 

His prayer included his weakness and his wife’s age. He asked Allah to grant him a child that will carry on the line of prophethood as an inheritance. Allah was pleased and responded to his prayers. The angels gave him good tidings of a son- Yahya. However, the prophet was astounded by the news of a son as his wife was barren, and he was old. The angel replied that Allah does as he wills. Therefore, he asked for a sign to which Allah replied that you will not maintain communication with anyone around you for three days and nights. And soon the wife of Prophet Zakariya bore a son -Yahya. 

Then, unfortunately, Prophet Yahya was murdered by the king at that time. He was beheaded as his enemies plotted against him. This pained Prophet Zakariya a lot. 


Death of Prophet Zakariya: 

Prophet Zakariya (A.S) did not die a natural death but was murdered by the unbelievers of Israel. His body was cut into pieces even though he hid behind a tree. The prophet was above 100 years when the Prophet received the good tidings of Prophet Yahya. 


Tomb of Prophet Zakariya: 

The prophet is buried in an ancient monument made of stone. The tomb is a few meters away from the tomb of Absalom and adjacent to the Tomb of Benei Hezir. 


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