Prophet Isa (A.S) – Story 

Lives of the prophet – Isa (A.S) 

When was prophet Isa born?

Prophet Isa (A.S) was born to Maryam as a miracle of Allah. As Maryam was a beloved servant of Allah, she was raised under the guidance and supervision of Prophet Zakariya (A.S). She was pious, respectable, and devoted to Islam. And the news of Isa’s (A.S) birth was a miracle as she was a chaste woman. She was very confused upon finding out. But the angels guided her about Allah’s will and his ability for miracles. Thereafter, she submitted to this and concealed herself from society. She gave birth to Prophet Isa (A.S) under a palm tree. This was her source of nourishment during and after labour.

People denounced her after her return to her land. They believed that Maryam (A.S) sinned. But this did not decrease her hopes and faith in Allah. Allah did not leave her alone as he granted several miracles to the child Isa (A.S). One of which was Isa (A.S) speaking from a cradle. He confirmed every word of his mother and surprised the people. 

He also confirmed that Allah provided him with the scripture and made him a prophet. As Isa (A.S) grew older, his abilities increased. Though people tried to conceal his miracles so that the citizens do not accept Islam. Because in this way, they will love their power over the citizens. Nonetheless, Allah had greater plans for the prophet. He was able to detect the hidden things of his friends. He told them in advance what they will have at dinner. 

Prophet Isa mentioned in the Quran:

The prophet is mentioned seventy-eight times in the Quran at different occasions.

First revelation:

Prophet Isa (A.S) slowly began to observe that the people were using religion to make money. This surprised him greatly. However, on the night of the Sabbath, which was dedicated to practising the religion mostly. The son of the Prophet Zakariya was beheaded by the king of the time. And on the same night, Isa (A.S) receives the revelation from Allah. 

Prophet Isa (Jesus) A.S called upon people to lead a simple life. Therefore the people of luxurious lives and selling based on religion conflicted with him. Isa (A.S) spread the message of not relying on the material goods of this world but on the next world. He explained that it was the method of disbelievers, not believers. However, his teachings also annoyed the priests. They plotted against him but he managed to find a way out. And people followed him along the way. He also continues to pray for his people’s forgiveness. 


Family tree of Prophet Isa (A.S): 

The family tree of Isa begins with Prophet Adam to Prophet Idris of prophet Nuh to prophet Ibrahim to prophet Ishaaq to prophet Yaqub to prophet Dawood to prophet Sulaiman to Prophet Isa alongside Prophet Zakariya and Yahya. 


Miracle of Isa (A.S): 

One of the miracles provided to the prophet was to bring people back from the dead. He performed this miracle on four people. But the disbelievers argued that maybe the four people were not dead but only fainted. Because they were from the prophet’s lifetime. Henceforth, the citizens asked him to bring Prophet Nuh (A.S) back to life. Which he did. 

His hair was grey when prophet Nuh woke up from the grave. Upon asking the prophet said that it is because he thought that today is the day of judgment. So his hair turned grey with fear. 

Another miracle was tables of food coming down from heaven. As the people who followed Prophet Isa’s message were majority poor. They requested the prophet to ask for food from Allah. To which the prophet commanded his people to fast for thirty days and at the end of this, they will be granted food from the skies. Allah sent food from the skies with clouds when the thirsty days passed.


Death of Prophet Isa (A.S): 

According to the Quran, Allah raised him to the heavens when the people plotted against Isa (A.S). He did not let anyone harm the beloved prophet. And the event of certification of the prophet only remains among the people who follow the Bible.

Allah declares in the Quran that the people make jinns and Isa and his mother Mary (Maryam) to be his partners. But they are not as Allah is the only God. 


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