Majesty Meaning in Urdu

Majesty Meaning in Urdu

                                     In the Name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Benevolent. “Majesty Meaning in Urdu by Sheikh Atif  Ahmed”

Majesty of ALLAH:

The English  Word Majesty Meaning in Urdu  is عظمت. The other similar words for عظمت are Shaan, Jah O Jalal and Azmat. Synonyms for majesty are greatness, magnificence, nobility, solemnity. Majesty of Allah is All the sovereign power and Authority  that tells us Allah is the ruler of universe . 

Allah is King! He dresses stately.  Verily, the Lord is clothed with majesty and armed with might. The world is unshakable. The world stands firm and cannot be shaken. When we Focus in this wold Everything is Full of Majesty of Allah . It is Allah Who has created every thing of this world with Grace and in beautiful manner .
There are some attributes names  that describe Majesty Of God .

Al-Khaliq-الْخَالِقُ :

The Word majesty Meaning in urdu is عظمت and  Al-khaliq majestical name of Allah  meaning in urdu is پیدا کرنے والا .

The Prophet (PBUH)  said that Allah is beautiful and  loves beauty. For this reason, all creations of Allah were designed and created according to the highest heavenly standards of excellence and order, which no one can imitate. According to Ibn Al-Arabi, who embodied Sufi speculative ontological thought, there is divine beauty  in all that God calls “beautiful” and the beauty He loves Himself. God created the universe only in his own image,  the image of his infinite beauty. Therefore, the entire universe, including all  objects and events are beautiful.

It is Allah who has made  the earth  a resting place for you, and the sky  a canopy, and has given you form, made your form beautiful, and fed you.”

Beauty Of Name Al-Khaliq :

The Word majesty Meaning in urdu is عظمت. Majesty Of Allah that Humans were created as the most beautiful creatures on earth. Manis endowed with thinking and insight. Man was created to be the ruler of the earth, never to be abandoned by the guiding word of God. This is so that one does not go astray, rebel against the will. And plan of the Lord, and not be puffed up with selfishness, self-enhancement. And the myriad superstitions associated with one’s own existence and its entire existence.

 When these extraordinary human qualities  are combined with  submission to the Creator, Lord and Protector of the world, man confidently seeks to prove his worth, thereby elevating his status above the angels. To do. Conversely, as soon as one begins to abuse and abuse the same qualities and talents, one begins to depart from the plane of truth, thereby demeaning oneself below the animal plane.

Al-Kareem -الكريم:

The Word majesty Meaning in urdu is عظمت and Al-Kareem Allah’s majestical  name meaning in urdu is  بہت کرم کرنے والا. And English meaning is The Generous One, The Gracious, The Bountiful.

Allah (SWT) has said,

“Whoever is grateful, he is grateful only for (the good of) his own soul, and whoever is ungrateful, surely my Lord is self-Sufficient, Honored” .

His kindness knows no bounds, and he continues to give precious gifts to anyone who pleases him. .

Allah’s name Al Kareem is that He  covers His slave’s sins, and faults.It is majesty of Allah That he Hide the mistakes of His man and Fogive him. That is why Prophet Muhammad says:

 “O Allah! I seek refuge in you from my evil neighbor. If he sees something good (from me) he hides it. But when he sees something bad, he reveals it. O Allah! I ask you for protection from the Evil Imam (Master). But if I do something wrong, he won’t forgive me. “

Majesty Of Allah According to Sheikh Atif Ahmed :

Shiekh Atif Ahmed ,one of His blog said that Wisdom Knowledge of Allah is most important thing for the mental , physical and spiritual growth of a Person . Along with that  Sheikh Atif Ahmed Said That servant of Allah is Always in wait that he get New verse , message or Hadees from which he can Get guide for his spiritual development . The Word Majesty Meaning in urdu is عظمت o relate the majesty of Allah He use some Hadees .Moreover Sheikh Atif Ahmed Describe a Hadees-e-Qudsi in which Allah is Giving message to His man that Allah donot Oppress anyone and He forbade it Upon Himself . He do Mercy on every thing that is created by Allah  .And Sheikh Atif Told that  Allah Commanded that you Should Not Oppress others and Consider it Haram .

Allah is Guider:

Too Sheikh Atif Ahmed said, Allah says You All Are misguided and are in search of the right path. Allah brings them in light from the darkness. Also, Sheikh Atif Ahmed said That Allah is there Who guides His man. It is the Majesty of Allah that He is the Best Guider. Allah is the One who brings the world of doubt to certainty. You should Ask for Guidance just from Allah. Sheikh Atif Ahmed Told That it is the majesty of God that He is AL-RAZAQ.

We all are hungry and Just Allah can fulfill our needs. Allah Gives sustenance and He gives food. So we beg for These things Just from Allah. We all are dressless and Allah is there who gives us clothes. Sheikh Atif Ahmed was describing the majesty Of Allah that He is Al-Ghafoor who forgives the sins of Sinners. We make sins whole Day But Allah Forget All that and Forgive us. 

Majesty of Allah is Endless:

The Word majesty Meaning in urdu is عظمت. In Addition, Sheikh Atif Ahmed Told that the Majesty of Allah is endless and that if all the humans of this world and other creations of Allah beg for something from Allah at the same time, it will not affect the number of His blessings . Allah Will Give Everything to every man that he wished but after all that Allah’s blessings will remain the same. Sheikh Atif Ahmed says That Allah is collecting our deeds and He will reward them on the basis of them. Therfore, it’s up to us how we are filling our Paper.

In the end, Sheikh Atif Ahmed said A person who achieves Jannah should be thankful to Allah Who Guides, gave the sense, and gave him all the Facilities to Reach To Allah. Sheikh Atif Ahmed Told That man with a bad end should not blame himself because Allah gave him a righteous path through Quran. Quran is a Great source of light and a path to Allah.  

Allah Almighty shows His Mercy on the day of End.

Conclusion :

 O Allah, you are peace and from you comes peace. Blessed are you, O Owner of majesty and honor.

All praise is to Allah.. Allah is Al-Rehman.The Word majesty Meaning in urdu is عظمت. He is the One who blesses all his creation with prosperity and devoid of disparity. He is most merciful, kind, and loving towards all creation. Allah is Al-Ghafoor. Allah is The One who completely forgives our sins and faults. His forgiveness is unlimited, and He is all compassionate. He is most high; His forgiveness extends to all who turn to him in humility and seek repentance.

Allah is Al-Qawiyy the one who commands all power and whose strength is unparalleled to anything else. Its power is truly infinite and inexhaustible. 

 Human power is no match for Almighty Allah.

These all attributes are because of the Majesty of Allah

May Allah Tallah forgive our sins, show mercy and give us all from the ocean of His blessings.


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