Prophet Isa (A.S) – Story 

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Lives of the prophet – Isa (A.S)  When was prophet Isa born? Prophet Isa (A.S) was born to Maryam as a miracle of Allah. As Maryam was a beloved servant of Allah, she was raised under the guidance and supervision of Prophet Zakariya (A.S). She was pious, respectable, and devoted to Islam. And the news […]

Prophet Zakariya (A.S) – Story 

story of prophet zakariya

Lives of the prophet -Zakariya (A.S):  The life statement of prophet Zakariya does not provide a detailed account of his childhood and adulthood. However, it began when he was in his late nineties. He was also a prophet sent to Bani Israel. And he is a direct descendant of Daud (A.S) and Sulaiman (A.S). The […]

Prophet Yunus (A.S) – story 

prophet yunus story

Lives of prophets- Yunus (A.S)  Prophet Yunus, also known as Jonah was sent as a prophet of Allah to northern Iraq. The population of that region was up to a hundred thousand citizens. He was raised among the people of Nineveh.  The prosperous region forgot the message of Allah. Therefore, the citizens were busy with […]

Prophet Al-Yasa (A.S) – Story 

Prophet al yasa story

Lives of prophets – Al-Yasa  Prophet Al-Yasa is also known as Elisha. He was another prophet sent to Bani Israel. It is narrated that he was the cousin of Prophet Ilyas. And he nurtured under his care. Prophet Al-Yasa later on became a successor of Prophet Ilyas. He is considered a prophet in Islam, Judaism, […]

Prophet Ilyas (A.S) – Story 

Prophet Ilyas story

Lives of the prophets – Ilyas (A.S)  Prophet Ilyas is the descendent of Prophet Haroon (A.S). The prophet preached to the people of Israel. He, like other prophets, invited the people towards the message of Allah. He was given prophethood after the death of the Prophet Sulaiman (A.S). After his death, the people of his […]

Prophet Sulaiman (A.S) – story

Story of Prophet Sulaiman

Lives of the prophet – Sulaiman (A.S):  Prophet Sulaiman (A.S) was the youngest son of Prophet Dawood (A.S). He was given prophethood for the people of Bani Israel. He learns religion and judgment based on the teachings of his father. The Prophet was a keen observer and learned quickly from the hearings and also contributed […]

Prophet Dawood (A.S) – story 

Story of Prophet Dawood

Lives of the prophets – Prophet Dawood:  After the death of Musa (A.S), Allah sent Prophet Dawood to beware them of their disobedience and stubbornness towards Allah. To remind them of the right path, Allah put them to a great test with the army of Goliath.  King of Israel, Talut had a small army and […]

Prophet Haroon (A.S) – Story

Life of Prophet Haroon (A.S): Prophet Haroon was the elder brother of Musa (A.S). He was also sent to the people of Israel. And born in the year when Pharaoh spared the lives of baby boys. Prophet Haroon worked alongside Prophet Musa (A.S) in his teachings of the religion. He faced a speech defect which […]

Prophet Musa (A.S) – Story

Story of Prophet Musa

Birth of Prophet Musa (A.S): Prophet Musa (A.S) was born in Egypt when Egypt was ruled by the Pharaoh. He used to oppress the people (dependent on Yaqub (A.S)). The disgrace continued in Bani Israel as they were paid very little for their hard labor. People were bound to worship Pharaoh only during his rule […]

Prophet Ayub (A.S) – Story:

Story of Prophet Ayub

Life of Ayub (A.S):  Prophet Ayub is said to be from the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim. He was sent as a prophet to the northeastern deserted corner of Palestine. He was tested while spreading the message of Allah but gradually people accepted his message and the number of believers increased. The prophet was a well-recognized […]