Prophet Shuaib (A.S) – story:

Life of Prophet Shuaib (A.S):  Prophet Shuaib (A.S) was sent to the people of Midian. The people there were involved in various sins and unethical practices. The activities that were prohibited by Islam and performed by the people of Midian inside highway robbery, cheating, idolatry, lying about the products to their customers, etc.   The citizens […]

Prophet Yusuf (A.S)

Prophet Yusuf (A.S) – story:  Prophet Yusuf was the dear child of Yaqub (A.S). Benjamin was his twin brother and had 11 siblings in total. All others were his step brothers except Benjamin. From the beginning, Yusuf’s step brothers were jealous of him because they thought of themselves as less than him. Yusuf dreamt about […]

Prophet Yaqub (A.S) 

Prophet Yaqub (A.S) – story:  Prophet Yaqub was the son of Prophet Ishaq. Ishaq (A.S) had twin sons Prophet Yaqub and his brother Eas. Yaqub (A.S) was the favourite child of Ishaq (A.S) and later on was given prophethood. His twin brother envied him and threatened to kill him out of anger. To save himself, […]

Prophet Ishaq (A.S)

Then Prophet Ishaq (A.S) – story: Prophet Ishaq is the son of Prophet Ibrahim and his first wife Sarah. The angels carried two pieces of news to the prophet Ibrahim; one good and one bad. As, the good news was that they will be blessed with a son whom they named Ishaq, and the bad […]

Prophet Ismail (A.S)

Prophet Ismail (A.S) – story:  Prophet Ismail is the son of Prophet Ibrahim and Hajra (A.S). He was with his father through his journey to construct Kaaba and establish a community in Makkah. The construction of Kaba and Hajj occurred after Allah commanded Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) to sacrifice his son Prophet Ismail which they gladly […]

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) 

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) – Story  Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) is mentioned in the Quran on various occasions. We Muslims gather from around the world to perform hajj. So it is important to recall the story and events behind the hajj and how our father Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) contributed to it. The life of Prophet Ibrahim was […]

Prophet Lut (A.S):

Prophet Lut A.S-Story: Prophet Lut A.S is the nephew of Prophet Ibrahim A.S. The story of Prophet Lut A.S is known from when he was selected as a prophet of Allah. Prophet Ibrahim A.S asked Prophet Lut A.S to live in the city of Sodom which Lut A.S agreed upon. The region was a populated […]

Prophet Saleh (A.S): 

Life of Prophet Saleh (A.S):  Allah sent his prophet Salih (A.S) to the people of Thamud. After Allah punished the people of Ad for worshipping gods and destroyed the whole tribe but the people of Thamud were occupied with similar activities and beliefs. The people of Prophet Saleh were well crafted in building and home […]

Prophet Hud (A.S): Story

Prophet Hud (A.S):  Prophet Hud (A.S) was sent as a messenger of Allah to the people of Ad who lived between the hills of Yemen and Oman. The people of As were well built and were proficient in the art of craftsmanship. They were capable and recognized for their skillfulness in the construction of tall […]

Prophet Dhul-Kifl – Story

The story of Prophet Dhul-Kifl (Zul-Kifl) is a contradiction. Many scholars believe that he was a prophet as his name is mentioned two times in the Quran. However, many believe that he should not be named as Prophet as there is no direct mention or another account related to his prophecy.  Mentioned of Prophet Dhul-Kifl […]